11 reasons we’re looking forward to Summer in Brighton

Posted on Mar 16 2015 - 7:20am by Brighton Style

So spring has sprung (sort of), and the blue skies and slightly warmer weather is giving everyone the same thought: summer is near. And by ‘near’, we mean it’s not a million miles away and it’s only going to get warmer. But aside from the summery clothes and the trips off on holiday, there are a few things that make Brighton just so damn good during the summer. So good that you genuinely fall in love with the city all over again, even if you’ve lived here all your life.

Here in the Brighton Style office as we’re slowly beginning to turn off the heating, we’ve been chatting about all those great things that happen come the summer months in the city, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to agree. So it might be slightly premature, but if the next couple of months go as fast as Jan-March did, it’ll probably be August in blink of a second.


1) A beach on our doorstep

Let’s start with the obvious, right? It’s not just that it’s a beach, it’s that the beach is so close, so big, and you can go there without five million layers. We’re big fans of a beach trip in the winter at Brighton Style, it’s always nice for a bit of inspiration. What isn’t so nice, however, is freezing yourself to death and shivering to the point where you realise it’s probably a good idea to go inside for a cup of tea. But in the summer? While other people have to get on a train to go to another town or city to find a beach, we can walk down to the seafront and have it right there. Oh yes.

2) Seeing Brighton on the news and feeling smug

Brighton beach always makes it on those ‘hottest day of the year’ news stories, videos and photos online. Always. Okay so maybe we’re talking about the Mail Online, too but the fact is everyone is scrolling through those stories, envious of those who ‘live near the sea’, and you’re sat there feeling all smug that you can actually call it HOME.

PicMonkey Collage

3) Uhh-mazing ice creams

Gelato Gusto and Boho Gelato are two of our personal favourites. And while having ice cream throughout the year is totally acceptable, you don’t get that refreshing feeling of being cooled down by this delicious treat. It’s more, okay this is great but I might just have a cup of tea to warm myself up…

4) Brighton’s Big Screen

A cinema on the beach – only in Brighton eh? It’s free, it’s sponsored by alcohol usually one way or another, and it’s kinda a one-of-a-kind thing. If you’ve never seen anything down on the beach, this year is the year to go!

5) Pride, Pride, Pride

With 2015 dubbed as being the ‘biggest celebration to date’, it’s making us verryyy excited. It’s always at the height of the summer season (1 August this year), and we challenge you to find someone who doesn’t like it. Everyone gets involved, everyone watches the parade, all ages love it, and we do too. It’s full of fancy dress and alcohol and laughing and alcohol and singing and alcohol.. and you seriously can’t go to Pride and NOT have a good time.

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6) Seafront strolls

When being outside is so enjoyable, but you’re not up for sunbathing or taking a dip in the sea, it’s amazing how satisfying a walk along the seafront really is. Walking along the beach, along the seafront pubs, having a cider, feeling like you’re on holiday. It’s just spot on.

 7) Quirky fashion

Aren’t summer clothes just SO much better than winter? Get rid of the layers, find the cute skirts and dresses that don’t require thick black tights and a huge scarf, and enjoy the warm weather! The quirky summer fashion in Brighton is always one to look forward to, especially with beach wear on the horizon. Our personal favourites? Summer pieces from this boutique.

8) Forget beer gardens, it’s wine o’clock. OUTSIDE.

Okay, okay so we are always up for a beer garden, especially if there’s cider on offer. But you know what’s even better? Wine. Wine at any time of the day. Cocktails in the afternoon. Drinking wine outside in the sun rather than stuck in a stuffy pub where you can’t find a seat so you have to stand anyway. Our go-to places this summer will be New Club, and Valentino’s – okay so it’s a bit smaller, but get there early on and you can get a perfect spot on the balcony.

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9) Paddle Round the Pier

Yay to the infamous charity beach festival. Early July on Hove Lawns sees the return of the biggest watersports festival in Brighton. It runs every year, you’ve probably heard of it already, and it’s so much more than a beach festival. It’s FREE, and you can get involved with anything from paddle boarding (obvs), to skating, windsurfing, surfing and kayaking. Oh and there’s music and food and all that crazy stuff. We LOVE.

10) Beachside bootcamps

So perhaps you aren’t incredibly excited to do exercise, but if there’s one season of the year you’ll want to do it, it’s probably in the summer. Who wants to go out for a run in the freezing cold winter? Summer runs and outside classes are scattered across the city, and if you can get a tan, enjoy the weather AND cross off your fitness jaunt in one go – why the hell not? FitBitch bootcamps might be your starting point…

11) Beach BBQs. So much YES.

Walking along the seafront during the summer months will tell your senses one thing: barbecues. All local supermarkets have throwaway barbecues for only a couple of quid, there are burgers everywhere, and basically you’ll want a barbecue probably every single day. Especially the weekend. So YES to more barbecues please.