3 Brighton-Based Alcoholic Drinks Producers That We’re Loving

Posted on Mar 6 2017 - 6:23am by Brighton Style

There’s just something about having locally-made food and drink that makes us feel great and makes us love our city even more.

We’ve rounded up three that we’re loving right now and as a gentle reminder to you all that you should 100% pull your finger out and try them if you haven’t already.

Brighton Gin

As gin lovers, you just can’t go wrong really. The gin is made  with 100% British organic wheat spirit which they redistill with juniper, fresh orange and lime peel, locally-grown coriander seed and milk thistle – sounds tasty, right?

As the tagline says, the gin is “distilled beside the seaside”. It launched in December 2014 and has been popular ever since with the famous mint green labelling and is run by five Brightonians, headed up by athy Caton and Helen Chesshire.

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Brighton Bier

Brighton Bier is known for their 100% original craft beers that is brewed in the city. The brand is the result of three friends, all who had a passion for beer. As they share on their website: “Our plan is to embrace the attitude, ingredients and flavour profiles of the progressive beer styles from Belgium, North America and beyond, but to do so in a way that respects the character and historical integrity of British ale.”

We’re not even huge beer fans, but the fruity flavours (our favourite was grapefruit) in their beers is delicious.

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And even more exciting, Brighton Bier is launching their first and very own pub – called Bierhaus – coming very soon (we’re not sure how soon, so keep up to date here).

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Old Tree Brewery

This is one of the newer drink producers that we’ve heard popping up recently. And when we caught on that the Brighton-based brew house have created elderflower champagne, somerset cider and hedgerow wine, we knew it was something we were missing out on.

On their Feb-March 2017 “drink the season” they have a range of delicious ciders including botanical honey cider and spiced plum cider. The green tea kombucha (sparkling fermented green tea infused with botanicals) also sounds so intriguing, and one we need to try.

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They also do soft drinks too, so have a look at their menu here.

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