3 Things That Make Us Love Brighton Even More When Brighton Marathon Happens

Posted on Apr 10 2017 - 7:51am by Brighton Style

Unless you live completely outside the city (or you’ve been away for the weekend!), you’ll have known yesterday was Brighton Marathon day. AKA one of the few days a year (along with the half marathon, Pride and Paddle Round The Pier) where residents spill out onto the streets to cheer on others and have a good time.

Whilst we’re not runners (although, co-ed Amy DID run the half last year!), you can guarantee that come marathon day, we’re on the streets and the prom screeching strangers names and willing them to finish their race. The marathon has such an impact on Brighton and brings out the absolute best in everybody – here’s why we love the city even more come Brighton Marathon day:

1. People just want others to do well

Yes, we’re lucky – Brighton is an amazing city where most of the time people get along and support each other, but this only heightens come the marathon. Regardless of age, sex, political views etc etc, the thousands of supporters lining the 26 mile route, will be cheering on complete strangers and most importantly, wanting them to complete their marathon.

Yesterday for example, I saw little girls handing out sweets to runners to keep ’em going, an old man on mobility scooter honking from the sidelines and so many people clapping and shouting words of encouragement at people they don’t even know. If this doesn’t restore your faith in human nature, I don’t know what will.

2. The city becomes even more alive 

A busy, bustling city that always has a fun-loving vibe in the air, Brighton becomes even more vibrant come Brighton Marathon day. As well as all the cheering, music booms from flats, shops and restaurants along the route. There’s singing, dancing and smiles – from both runners and supporters, just making the city feel even more electric than normal.

3. The runners are inspirations

Whether they’re seasoned pros and are running their 10th marathon or taking on their first (and last!) marathon for charity; every runner has a story – and oh boy, does this inspire us. Not just to get running but to do things outside of our comfort zones to push ourselves that bit further. We’re not ashamed to admit that come race day and seeing the thousands of runners, all running for their own reasons, sometimes there are tears. Tears of pride for people who’ve trained hard and are going after a challenge they’ve set their mind on achieving. If they can run 26 miles, than we can do something that scares us too, right?