6 Brighton Etsy Sellers You May Not Have Heard Of Before (That We Absolutely Love)

Posted on Feb 20 2017 - 6:04am by Brighton Style

We absolutely love buying local here at Brighton Style HQ, so when one of us was on the look out for a gift for a friend recently, we headed to the Brighton Etsy team to sort out.

We’ve featured many Brighton Etsy sellers before and we absolutely love to hear about how people set up their businesses and let them showcase their work.

So when we were trawling through the creative sellers trying to figure out what we wanted to buy, we knew it was something we wanted to share.

Here are 6 Brighton Etsy sellers we hadn’t head of before that we totally love.

1- Finch Ceramics

Shop here.

If you’re anything like us, you probably are fuelled on tea or coffee from 9am on Monday to 5pm on Friday. We absolutely love a cuppa and can’t help ourselves when we come across adorable ceramic mugs – you should see our cupboards.

That’s why we absolutely love these beauties from Finch Ceramics. Dreamy.

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2- PresseNoire

Shop here

We’re suckers for a great print, so Brighton-based Jessica Winnie’s illustrations massively caught our eye. We have frame walls wherever we can fit space for them – and still too many prints to put up. But Winnie’s prints are great for gifts, or to squeeze in if you find room!

She does adorable animal sketches on greetings cards too which, we have to admit, would look perfect framed as well.

3- Tiny Box Art

Shop here.

Looking for something a little more quirky? These are exactly the types of gems we want in our flat and so we even cheekily purchased some for ourselves when we were looking for a gift.

The vintage tins are decorated with animal figures and would fit perfectly on that shelf of things you don’t really need but are nice to look at… you know the one?

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4- QueeniesQuiltShop

Shop here.

Ok, so Amanda McKeever behind QueeniesQuiltShop has fulfilled our winter dreams – the ones where we’re wrapped up under the sofa under so many blanket and cushions and everything else possible just to be cosy. Her handmade patchwork designs are adorable and the chevron designs on the cushions are on our list!

5- Little Deer

Shop here.

Little Deer by Jade Golding is high up there on our wish list – the list with things on that we can’t quite afford yet but we’re building up to. Her copper railings are so dreamy. She started making original copper clothing rails in Brighton in the summer of 2015. Since then the collection has grown to include jewellery stands, candle holders and display ladders.

6- CreativeFeel

Shop here.

Our bad, we’re including another print-based seller in this list because they are JUST SO GOOD. Alina’s hand-lettered prints with real gold foil are so Instagram-worthy and we love the frames she uses too! At ridiculously reasonable prices, it’s hard to go wrong, really.

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