Ambition Ignition: Come With An Ambition, Leave With A Plan

Posted on Jun 8 2017 - 3:48pm by Brighton Style

What’s your ambition? No, really what is it? We bet you have at least one. One that keeps you thinking ‘what if’ late into the night, one that feels fuelled up and ready to take it on after meeting like-minded people (or having a couple of drinks!) or most likely one you’ve kept to your self so far, hoping to accomplish it ‘one day’.

Well, it’s time to unleash that ambition and finally give it the time of day on Monday, thanks to Ambigo and their Ambition Ignition event.

Ambigo was created by former TV and radio sports commentator Adam, who “wanted to create something that was going to help people feel valued and empowered to achieve their ambitions.” After volunteering in Greece during the migrant crisis in 2015, Adam returned determined to get our communities meeting and talking to each other and created Ambigo.

Their latest event, Ambition Ignition, hopes to bring different members of the community together to share their ambitions and help each other to actually make it happen.

“So many of us are spending most of our time doing things that don’t make us happy,” founder Adam explains. “And, all of us want to find more happiness. We want to provide everybody with the platform to get help from their community so they feel valued and empowered to achieve whatever leads them to greater personal fulfilment.”

Held on Monday (12th June) at The Square Cafe on New England Street from 7pm, Ambition Ignition will see each person talk about their ambition and then others help them to plan it. But just how does it work?

“Around 30 friendly people from across Brighton and Hove will listen to each other express what their ambition is,” Adam says. “We’ll then write that on an ambition sheet along with what we need help with. We’ll then stick that up on the wall before walking around reading about what everybody wants to achieve. When you think you can offer some kind of info, advice, idea or a contact, you jot it down on a post-it note and stick it to the ambition sheet.”

“At the end of the evening, you’ll leave having had your ambition supported by a roomful of people and you’ll be more prepared to take the steps you need to achieving your dream.”

“At past events, ambitions have included wanting to start a community project, make a career transition and, simply, to work out how to be more self-confident. We’re ready for all kinds of ambitions,” he laughs.

“If you have an ambition but need some help to achieve it and want to feel supported, get yourself along to our fun and inspiring Ambition Ignition event on Monday. It’s Brighton coming together in one room to share and support each other to realise our ambitions and we’d love you to feel the benefit too.”

As well as their regular events, Ambigo run the Ambitions of Brighton Project, which sees residents been snapped for an online project and declaring what they’d like to accomplish in order to inspire others.

“So often we feel alone with our ambitions. We want everybody to know that the people around us also have dreams about achieving things that may seem out of reach. That’s why we’ve started photographing people holding up their ambitions on a small whiteboard for our online Ambitions of Brighton series to showcase some of the wonderful things people of Brighton want to achieve.”

“The more we see others reaching out of their comfort zones to become happier, the more we realise it’s possible for us too. The photos can also lead to comments from others in the area, which may be useful to the person whose ambition we feature. It’s a simple way of getting to know the people who live around us in an often fascinating and uplifting way.”

Take part in Ambition Ignition on Monday 12th June at The Square Cafe, 47 New England St, between 7- 9pm. It runs on a pay what you can basis too.

For further details on Ambigo visit or check out their Facebook page