An Event For Brighton Women In Biz: Meet Wildfire Women

Posted on Aug 17 2017 - 8:27am by Brighton Style

When was the last time you went to an inspiring women-only event that made you think: YES. This is ME? Well, next month a weekend extravaganza of an event takes place and we couldn’t be more excited. Two days filled with talks, workshops, discussions, music and the ability to meet a whole host of women also doing it for themselves, in central Brighton, couldn’t be more up our street.

Best of all, Wildfire Women (taking place 9th- 10th September) has been created by two self-confessed introverts (career coaches Thea Anderson and Cat Rose), so there’s plenty of thought gone into comfortably coaxing us out of our shy shells and too.

We caught up with one half of the dynamic Wildfire Women duo, Cat, to chat connections, collaborations and community:

Why did you decide to host the event?

It started on a chilly winter morning earlier this year over two hot beverages and a chat about our big (really big) dreams. Both of us have had plenty of experiences attending and speaking at other people’s events, but many of them left us feeling overwhelmed. Rather than leaving feeling inspired, we often just felt like the gap between where we were and where the keynote speakers were was insurmountable. It was this (rather fiery) chat that led us to dream up an event that was about connection, collaboration and community – not competition! Soon chats became plans became… Wildfire Women!

What led you both to this? 

Thea has been a life coach working with creative, courageous women, who’ve got stuck somewhere (but aren’t prepared to settle for a half lived life) for over a decade. It was her experience from falling ill aged 26 (and ultimately diagnosed with M.E/Chronic Fatigue syndrome) and her 6 year journey of the mind, body and soul to find out the root cause of her illness, that led her down this path of empowering others get back on their feet, and step into their biggest, boldest life.

My journey began with quitting a stressful, draining job and life in London, determined there was more to life than this rat race. After learning more about my own personality type as a highly sensitive introvert, I began noticing that many of my peers (at the time, creatives; designers, illustrators etc) were wired the same way – and that this could be a massive hinderance to their career success. From there, I began my blog, writing for the Huffington Post, began my podcast and created an online members community with the aim to support and educate her fellow creative introverts.

Our backgrounds overlap in life and career coaching and our love for public speaking (despite our shy childhoods!)

There’ll be lots of fellow introverts reading, why should they come along?

We know how it feels – a day long event (let alone a weekend!) of stimulating lights, music, people (not all introvert-tuned!) can be incredibly draining.

That’s why we’ve designed Wildfire Women to accommodate all personality types. The venue itself (the Synergy Centre, Brighton) will have a space for quiet chats by the cafe – so you can cosy up in a booth with a nice cuppa and flow freely between talks, workshops and performances.

In addition, we’ve set up a private Facebook group to introduce speakers to attendees and let everyone meet each other in advance – no need for awkward small talk when the weekend rolls around!

What can we expect to see and hear?

We’re going to have a diverse mix of talks, workshops, panel discussions, interviews and musical performances. Some of our speakers will be getting vulnerable and sharing their stories – and not just the happy ending. Others will be giving actionable advice to those of us still seeking out our purpose, passion and dream career. We’ll even have a Wildfire Man – so there’s definitely something for everyone!

Which bit of the weekender are you looking forward to most?

I can’t wait for the Q+As. I can’t wait to hear what the audience has to say about our wonderful (hah – but then I’m biased!) speakers.

Thea loves the sense of community it will create, with people making new connections, finding collaborators and hopefully life long friends. She thinks it’s going to be amazing for me to be in a room full of like minded others to support, encourage and inspire each other. How often does that happen in life?!

And finally, any plans for more events?!

Without a doubt! We’re hoping to do a mix – from smaller retreats to even larger (did someone say STADIUM?) size events – as well as take Wildfire Women overseas. Any excuse for a holiday!

Find out more about Wildfire Women, their amazing line up of inspiring speakers and get your tickets via:

Wildfire Women takes place 9th and 10th September at Synergy Centre, Brighton. We’ll see you there!