Brighton Festival 2017: Three Cultural Events In The City We’re Looking Forward To

Posted on Mar 13 2017 - 6:10am by Brighton Style

Every year when the Brighton Festival comes around, we count our lucky stars that we live in a city full of such talent. Although it’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of everyday life and let the festival pass without booking anything, we think it’s about time you did the opposite.

We’ve already picked up the brochure, circled what we want to go to and highlighted the things we’re DEFINITELY going to, so here’s a little taster.

As Kate Tempest, the guest director of the festival said in the foreword of the brochure: “Art is social, it should be a part of life. No big deal – just life itself.

“It requires no qualifications, no training to enjoy it. It’s truthful communication between humans about humanity and in these times, it feels more important than ever to try and understand humanity and what it could be.”

Now if that doesn’t make you want to go and book something, well we don’t know what will.

Here’s three of our top picks for the month that runs from 6-28 May 2017. Click on the “find out more” links below to get info on booking tickets and locations.

Swan Lake

When? Tuesday 9th May and Wednesday 10th May at 8pm.

Why? This is probably one of the shows we are most looking forward to – an adaptation of the famous ballet story, Swan Lake, with dance and theatre makers. But this one seems a bit different, with “Nordic and Irish traditional music” and experimental influences.

It’s been dubbed a “show of terrible beauty and extraordinary craft” by the Guardian and “vital and empowering” by the Irish Times, so we’re pretty excited to go and have a look for ourselves.

Details: Tickets from £15 at Brighton Dome Concert Hall. Duration 75 minutes. FIND OUT MORE.

The Story Collider

When? Sunday 14th May at 4pm.

Why? We are BIG fans of The Moth, and if you don’t know what that is then basically it’s just a series of normal people telling interesting stories on stage. It sounds simple, but getting caught up in someone else’s life can be fascinating and makes you realise how many people have parts of their lives we don’t know about. Anywaayy, The Moth also does “live events” and this Brighton event reminded us of that.

The Story Collider is an evening of true, personal stories with a science twist. Five storytellers share their tales of how science has touched their lives – some are meant to be heartbreaking so bring along tissues.

Details: Foudners Room, £10 per ticket. Duration 2 hours. FIND OUT MORE.

Boys Don’t

When? Sunday 21st May at 2pm and 4pm.

Why? Talking about men and mental health couldn’t be more important, and delving into the pressures facing men in society is slowing creeping into the media and becoming less of a taboo topic. This production is definitely one to watch and tackles what happens when boys can’t let out their emotions.

A cast of poets and spoken word performers deliver an insight into male experiences of growing up and offers the possibility of more open communication.

Details: £10 a ticket at The Spire. Duration 60 minutes. FIND OUT MORE.