Gluten Free Pizza at Fatto a Mano, Brighton

Posted on Mar 31 2017 - 8:57am by Brighton Style

If you’ve seen our Twitter or this post; you’ll know that we’re big fans of Fatto a Mano.

However, co-ed Shelley is gluten free and whilst she loved tucking into chips, salad and all the wine, she was hankering for a pizza. I mean, wouldn’t you if they looked this good?

Over the last few months, the Fatto a Mano team have been sending out cryptic tweets that got us excited – could it really be? Yep, it really is so. On 14th March, the team launched their gluten free (and also vegan) pizza ranges. And oh my are they amazing!

So much so, that at one point; we were going to bump up our reasons you should try Fatto a Mano feature to include the free from options – but hell no, this well and truly deserves its own post.

“Having travelled back to Naples late last year to top up on inspiration, we also sought out the right gluten free flour to develop a dough that we’d be proud to call our own,” they explained on the launch night.

“We then spent months getting things spot on in our kitchens before unleashing it on our customers.”

The result?

In a word – pizza perfection. If I hadn’t been told many times that it was gluten free, I’d never have known (and probably felt worried that I was going to combust!), it was seriously that good.

The doughy, pillowy goodness that Fatto a Mano is renowned for is right there in their gluten free pizzas (usually we don’t get much of a crust, at all with free from pizzas, do we?) and, according to my gluten-guzzling diner (who is a big fan on Fatto’s ‘normal’ pizzas) is “just as delicious”. We also got chatting to other pizza lovers on tables next to ours and they were in complete agreement; a gluten free pizza never tasted so good.

I must add though; the gluten free dough is made in the same kitchen and cooked in the same oven as the regular dough, so therefore Fatto a Mano can’t guarantee pizzas are 100% free of gluten as there remains a risk of cross-contamination – just something to think about if you’re super-sensitive.

We also enjoyed a Celia larger, my first larger in years and oh dear lord – this teamed with the doughy deliciousness of the pizza, made this meal one of my most favourites since needing to go gluten free five years ago.

Even more excitingly; we were told about the plans to add gluten free churros with chocolate sauce – yes, whoop with me, to their menu. Since our visit a few weeks ago; it’s happened (hoorah!) and we’ve heard amazing things.

This weekend we’re heading back for pizza in the sunshine with gluten free larger and leaving room for those churros. We might even try the vegan mozzarella too!

Find Fatto a Mano at 65-67 Church Road, Hove and 77 London Road, Brighton.