Meet CULT MILK; a Community for Brighton’s Female Creatives

Posted on Nov 3 2016 - 7:32pm by Brighton Style

We love it when women come together, support each other and share their successes. We’ve probably bored you silly sharing the quote ‘when women support each other, incredible things happen’ on our social media, but it’s something we completely believe in.

Another local lady who shares our sense of building supportive communities is awesome illustrator, interior designer and mural artist Amy Brown. In 2015, Amy founded CULT MILK – a female driven art collective who specialise in creative arts and craft events.

We had a natter with the lady herself to find out more…


How and when did CULT MILK start?

In 2015, like most good ideas, the concept of CULT MILK came about from a conversation with good friends…

Ah, we know that feeling (the idea for Brighton Style came about during cocktails one Friday night!). What were your aims?

As a solo artist I wanted to build a new collective that allowed for collaboration in a really fun and imaginative way. It was really important to me to make it female driven, whilst still being open to everyone. I enjoy the sense of community in our projects. The fact that everyone involved is talented, passionate and exceptionally lovely. There’s a lot of love and support in our collective.


That’s so good to hear! Monthly Milk looks awesome – please tell us about this!

Thank you! Monthly Milk is a great event and it’s all down to the people that attend every month. For November we have weaving, screen printing, book making, DIY kaleidoscopes and lino printing, to name just a few. All workshops are under £5 to make sure they’re affordable for everyone.

The workshops are taught by all types of creatives, from students to creative professionals in their 30s – it’s a chance for artists and the public to talk art, industry (if they want to!) and have fun without the pressure to ‘network’. We always play good music and have 2-4-1 cocktails so whether you’re looking to meet a new person to create a project with or simply want to spend your Sunday learning a new hobby – it’s a fun place to be. We’ve just changed the times for winter so it’s now 12-6pm at Patterns, every last Sunday of the month.

Just turn up and say hi to whoever is running your workshop of choice. It’s a super chilled and supportive crowd so don’t worry if you’re an art newbie.


Before you go, tell us about you! What is your background?

I studied illustration at university and loved it but gradually realised I felt most fulfilled creating imaginative and creative spaces for other people. I love designing murals, decorating rooms and bringing people together through art so I want to explore that further. I’ve just been accepted onto a digital residency programme in Brighton so there are some really exciting things to come! Watch this space!

Oh we will! Find out more about CULT MILK here.

Don’t forget to put the next MONTHLY MILK session in your diary (27th November at Patterns, 10 Marine Parade). It sounds too good to miss!