The NEW One Girl Band Space: A Work Place For Brighton’s Female Creatives & Freelancers

Posted on Feb 16 2017 - 5:21pm by Brighton Style

We love babe in biz Lola Hoad. Since we nattered to her and she was featured as one of our Women in Business, the designer has gone on to not only create One Girl Band (a collective for female creatives and entrepreneurs) but also a beautiful workspace for women just like us.

Ahead of the official opening on 6th March, we caught up with Lola to find out all about the most inspiring and Instagramable workspace in Brighton (and obvs, have a good look around ourselves)…

Photography by Emma Gutteridge

Hi Lola! So, why the OGB space? 

It’s been a dream of mine for so, so long; to create a space where females can be 100% themselves and create successful businesses in an empowering, supportive, and not too expensive environment. I had a bit of kick at the end of last year when I thought I could seriously do it, so was half-looking at spaces, but they were so much money (without even adding the rates etc) so I started to accept it might not happen. Then, in January, I had the chance to take on a beautiful space for a reasonable price, and so without really hesitating (or thinking!) I said yes to it, and here we are!

Photography: Emma Gutteridge

Where is it and how would you describe it?

It’s in the wonderful Vine Street in the North Laine, so right in the centre but still in a quiet road. It’s really spacious and light, with two huge windows that the sun streams through in the morning. It’s all white walls and grey concrete floors. We’ve tried to keep decoration fairly minimal so people can put their own stamp on their desks, and create an environment where they feel comfortable and at home. All the desks are white with trestles legs, and we’ve got a smattering of house plants and beautiful prints everywhere, as well as a bookcase that is stacked with female empowerment/business books and magazines. Plus, free tea and coffee!

Photography: Emma Gutteridge

What types of desks will be available?

There are two options for memberships. We’ve got the Resident Member, which is full time and is £160 per month. Then, we’ve got the Secondary Member which is part time, a maximum of 3 days a week and is £85 a month. You can also get a Day Pass for £20 per day, if you are only needing the space for one day a week, or if you’re visiting from London and need a place to work from for a few hours. The price includes everything (internet, electric, rates etc.) and all membership levels are on a 30 day rolling contract, so no real ball and chain, plus a £30 one-off sign up fee.

Photography: Emma Gutteridge

That’s so reasonable! The space will also be home to workshops – what can we expect? 

I’m very excited about this part! Our monthly meet ups and Expertise Sessions (where an industry professional comes in and talks) will be in the space, as well as Maker’s Workshops where a local maker and shaker will do their thing. We’ve got Lucy from Peas and Needles doing our first workshop The Basics of Weaving on 15th March, and the wonderful Kate Taylor is doing an Expert Session on the pursuit of perfection on 29th March, and how we can put two fingers up to it.

Who should join the girl gang?

Anyone who identifies as a female, enjoys being surrounded by like-minded women who are tired of working from home and alone, and crave some interaction from someone other than the postman. This is for the freelancers, designers, writers, developers, start-ups, anyone who can work remotely.

Photography: Emma Gutteridge

Why do you feel it’s important to bring Brighton One Girl Band’s together? 

The reason why I wanted to start the One Girl Band Space is simply this: Brighton needs a dedicated home for female-identifying creatives to feel comfortable, supported and empowered.

They need a chance to move their businesses out of their homes, off of their kitchen tables to a place that is reasonably priced, and doesn’t take all of their income. They need the opportunity to meet women just like them, to see that others are in the same boat. They deserve to create the life that they desire, and they deserve to do that in a safe, calm environment.

I’m so excited to bring the community into a space which is for them, by them. We’re opening properly on 6th March, and if you’re interested, you’re welcome to come and view the space to see if it’s right for you. Just send over an email to

Looks GORGEOUS doesn’t it? Sign us up right now!

See more about One Girl Band and the new collective and creative workspace at: