We Ate Brighton’s ‘Best Roast’ At Dizzy Gull And This Is What We Thought

Posted on Feb 27 2017 - 6:16am by Brighton Style

When we heard the results of Brighton’s top 20 restaurants last week, we knew there was something we were missing.

What was that we hear you ask? A roast at Dizzy Gull.

Thing is, we’ve tried the snack menu before (the oxtail nuggets are divine), but we’d never actually headed down there for a roast on a Sunday. SO of course, when we heard they’d won ‘Best Roast’ at the Brighton’s top 20 restaurant awards, we had to go and have a try ourselves.

We headed down on the Sunday of the Brighton half marathon, so naturally it was busy, but the service, food and beer, of course, did not disappoint.

Dizzy Gull opened in October 2016 in Brighton Beer Dispensary by the two guys behind The Set Restaurant – Dan Kenny and Semone Bonner. So in just four months, they’ve done pretty well for themselves.

Everything is fresh for the famous roasts, you won’t see Bisto or aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire puddings, and they’re all reasonably priced – £12 for a roast or £10 for the veggie option.

“We have the same ethos of the restaurant,” Bonner told us. “Don’t overcharge, we want to make it accessible to everyone with the price.”

One thing that stood out was the vegetables. All roasts come with dripping roasts, carrot and squash mash, cabbage, celeriac puree, braised red cabbage, parsnips and cheesy leeks. Oh and a yorkshire pud.

“The vegetables are all in season,” said Bonner. ” These will change again in the summer. Veg is so important but is so often an afterthought for a roast.

“But it’s 70% of the plate so you want it to be tasty, interesting and fresh.

“The gravy is cooked from the animal bones with no additives so it’s GF. It’s got red wine and herbs and shallots and garlic.”

In fact, if anyone wants a GF roast option, they can ask for any of the roasts without the yorkshire pud or creamy leeks.

Our verdict? We had the lamb and the rib eye roast and it was absolutely gorgeous. The gravy is a highlight, the mix of veg is interesting and full of flavour and the lamb meat, oh my God that lamb meat is something you all have to try.

We completely see why they won Best Roast, now you better go try them out, too.

Dizzy Gull, 38 Dean St, Brighton BN1 3EG.