We Get The Lowdown on the Disco Yoga Brighton Brunch

Posted on May 8 2017 - 9:23am by Brighton Style

When we heard the amazing Disco Yoga were bringing their beats to Brighton, we got VERY excited. Then when we found out all the info for the Disco Young Brighton Brunch (yup, you read that right girls; yoga, boogieing AND brunch), we’re practically on countdown.

Taking place on Sunday 14th May at Brighton Harbour Hotel, Disco Yoga (usually found in London, at festivals and in swanky private clubs) will see guests enjoy a whole luxurious, fun hour of yoga to a dazzling, disco soundtrack, get ‘fizzical’ with ‘Boogie Bellini’ or a ‘Moonwalk Mimosa’ followed by a delicious three course disco themed brunch. Oh and it’s healthy too. Sign. Us. Up.

To find out more we caught up with founder and one half of the disco divas; Sarah Hunter.

Hi Sarah! How and why did you set up Disco Yoga?

I was teaching traditional yoga for about 5 years and then decided that I wanted to blend my love of music, dancing and yoga. I started a small class for friends that included funky music and upbeat sequences. One night, a disco song came on by mistake. Before I had a chance to change it, the class loved it and requested another disco song. After that, Disco Yoga was born!

At that point, I was still plugging my phone into small speakers though in a really small bar to about 10 people per night. A year later, my friend Rosie (aka DJ Darlo) and I ran into each other and decided to team up as a duo to make Disco Yoga THE next big thing! We felt there are a lot of people who want to engage in fitness and yoga in a way that is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Its for people who want fitness to be social and not in a sterile environment like a studio or gym.

A year later we are selling out each week to 35 people each night in Old Street, have residencies in private members clubs, performing at festivals. The experience has evolved and now includes dance parties, dance routines, glitter stations and confetti cannons. Oh and cocktails and brunch of course!

Sounds like perfection! So why did you decide to run the Brighton event?

We’ve always wanted to branch out of London and Brighton seemed like the perfect place. It’s still close to London but it’s a world away in terms of atmosphere as its way more relaxed and we know Brighton people like to have fun, be silly, don the spandex and sequins and pile in glitter!

Damn right we do! Which part of it are you most looking forward to?

We’re really looking forward to taking our show on the road! London has really loved Disco Yoga but we’re excited to see what it’s like in a different setting. DJ Darlo used to live in Brighton and has a big love for the people and place so is looking forward to reconnecting with it. Yoga by the sea with a brand new crowd will be incredible!

As Disco Yoga newbies, what can we expect from the event?

Dazzling disco music, sparkly glitter, energising yoga with some boogie breaks, delicious food and cocktails!

And finally – any other Brighton events in the pipeline?

We really hope to return for more Brighton brunch events…watch this space!

Bring on 14th May! Find out more and get your tix for the Disco Yoga Brighton Brunch here > www.discoyoga.uk/book-tickets