Dare to be Digitally Fit: Online Personal Training

Posted on Sep 29 2014 - 7:41am by Brighton Style

Brighton-based personal trainer, Gavin Walsh, gives us the lowdown on how to save money, keep fit, and take control of your exercise regime with just a little nudge.

With constant demands from work, the need to go out and socialise, and numerous other commitments that we just can’t get out of… fitness can sometimes fall to the bottom of our to-do lists. As well as this, many women will recognise the benefits of having a personal trainer – telling you both what to do, when to do it, and what you’re doing wrong (without having to think for yourself!). Scheduling in personal training sessions and paying out the pennies can both pose problems in the busy lives we lead.10588753_10153153660689988_1791943832_n

So why not go digital? Like everything else in the past five years, fitness and personal training itself has taken the leap online and takes away not only the stress of time, but also money when you want a dedicated trainer to keep you on track. Brighton-based personal trainer, Gavin Walsh, recognised the need for a service that helped the time constraint of working women (and men!), offering an affordable alternative to getting FIT… especially in time for summer.

Having been in the fitness industry for nearly 15 years, Gavin started his career as a personal trainer in the West End, before moving to Brighton for a better work-life balance. “The main reason I started with the online training was to help more people,” he told us. “I was getting more enquiries from all over the UK.

“I actually started online training a few years ago, but it was more through creating a follow along programme with daily emails. This didn’t have that bespoke approach of my current online training programme.”

Although we don’t want to admit it – many of us don’t have a clue what to do when it comes to exercise. Simply going for a run or over-exerting ourselves on the treadmill might seem that the ‘sweatier the better’, but, as Gavin expresses, “Some people are becoming more switched on and now realise that simply doing lots of cardio isn’t the way to go. They want someone to tell them what to do, but not necessarily someone standing next to them supervising a session.”

One of the biggest advantages of online training is learning these lessons, along with the flexibility of attending the gym when you want. “There are no issues with scheduling sessions. The client can pick and choose what time they want to train and can even train at home with any existing equipment they have.” And of course, an added benefit is allowing you to think for yourselves. “Far too often during in-person training a client will show up for a session and be told what to do without giving it much thought. My goal with all my clients, in-person and online, is to not only help them to lose weight and get fit, but to be able to continue to exercise and eat healthily without me telling them what to do and monitoring them each week.”

10609185_10153153660694988_1805752169_nSo what it’s all about? “Each online training service will differ, but to start with, my online training service has three options to choose from: basic, pro and premium,” Gavin tells us. “On the basic package each client receives a 4 week generic exercise program with which they can log into my training app and see all the exercise videos, input their body stats and message me through a private Facebook group. The basic package works well for those who are on a budget and are happy to follow an exercise program with little contact from me.”

“For the pro and premium package, each client receives a bespoke exercise program, nutrition plan and directcontact with me over the phone or Skype on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to check their progress and discuss any issues. Clients can also log their progress in the training app and contact me whenever necessary.

A local client on the receiving end of Gavin’s programme has found it really benefitted her own fitness regime:

So whether you’re looking to save your bank balance, or try out the virtual personal trainer to fit into your busy schedule, it brings positives all round. Gavin leaves us with his favourite parts of the city: “I love the beach, the eclectic mix of people and the fact that there is always something going on.” So do we Gavin, so do we!