How To Style This Season’s Hottest Accessory: Hair Bows

Posted on Feb 7 2018 - 5:25pm by Brighton Style

Award season is upon us and if you’ve been eyeing up the stars’ pics on Instagram or flicking through your fave glossy, you can’t have failed to miss that bows are a BIG deal. Far from being only something you wore to primary school parties or for those ‘emo-inspired’ Myspace pics (ahh, memories), bows – a la Hollywood style icons Millie Bobby Brown, Margot Robbie and Christina Hendricks, are beautiful, feminine and instantly give your look a chic twist.

Below Brighton-based Jo Norton, who creates beautiful silk accessories for her business Mille Saisons, shares her top tips to help us tie up the bow trend:

Bow by Mille Saisons

Add romance to your pony tail

Go classic and tie a length of ribbon around your ponytail. Leave the ends long for a carefree and romantic vibe. A lower pony looks more effortless while a higher style suits vintage or preppy looks.

Go retro

For a softer romantic look, sweep your hair half up and back then secure with a barrette clip. You could add volume at the crown of your head first for a retro style or take inspiration from Emma Watson’s Belle in the live action Beauty and the Beast and twist sections of your hair from the front first before pinning it back.

Hide your bow

A cute alternative to a bow at the top of your bun is to ‘hide’ your bow under a low bun or chignon for a surprise as you turn or tilt your head. A large velvet bow finishes this style beautifully for evening events.

Futuristic bow buns

Double up with mini space buns like Millie Bobby Brown and tie a bow on each. Lighten the mood for summer with sheer organza ribbon or pretty coloured plaid styles.

Pretty your plait

Tying a small ribbon at the base of a plait is not just pretty but practical too as it will hide your hair elastic. Try a loosened chunky fishtail braid with texture to contrast with a sleek satin bow. To add even more contrast, try pinning a second piece of ribbon in at the top of your braid and plait it into your style.

Jo Norton studied fashion at Kingston University before starting silk accessories brand Mille Saisons. She enjoys reading, ballet and cats. See more from Jo at:

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